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War Child’s success is reliant upon our supporters. There a lot of ways you can get involved and join the War Child community, whether it’s signing up for our electronic monthly newsletter or hosting a fundraiser in your community, school or workplace.


Fundraise for War Child

Protect children affected by war by doing what you love. Make something. Share it with friends and family. Ask that they support you, by supporting War Child.

Raise cash or raise something else (awareness, activism, expression…). It’s up to you!

We’re pleased to provide you with all the tools you need to make your fundraising event a success. Click the “Get Started” button below and browse the resources to assist with fundraising goals, donations, recruiting and social media.

Be sure to let us know what you’re up to so we can support you as you support us! Any other questions, reach out to events@warchild.ca.

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For interview requests, speaking engagements and other enquiries, please contact:
Fiona Hack
Senior Manager, Public Relations
Office of the Founder
Phone 1-866-927-2445
Email: fiona@warchild.ca

Corporate Partnerships

War Child’s corporate partners are critical to our success in supporting children and their families to recover from the impacts of war.

Whether your organization already has an idea for a campaign or event, or is just beginning to explore ways you might support War Child, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we might work together.

To discuss opportunities for your company, please contact Barbara Harmer at 416 971 7474 x290 or Barbara@warchild.ca

Our corporate partners contribute in many different ways, including:

  • cause marketing campaigns
  • direct financial contributions
  • event sponsorship
  • employee volunteer programs
  • awareness raising campaigns
  • in-kind support
Children’s dreams can and will be realized when we succeed in building a more just, more sustainable and more equitable world. That is our responsibility, as adults, and that is our commitment as global citizens.


War Child Canada welcomes and appreciates new volunteer applicants! War Child is extremely grateful for the generous support that volunteers offer us. Most volunteer work takes place in the Toronto area, but if you live elsewhere there are always other ways to help. Listed below are the current volunteer positions available or we encourage you to fill out an application for our Volunteer Database to let us know what you’re interested in. And always, consider organizing your own event to support War Child’s mission. Ideas and resources are available at make.warchild.ca to help you get started.


Sign up to be in our Volunteer Database

Don’t see a current position below that interests you? Want to be first on call when we have events or need help in our office? Put your name on this list and tell us a little about yourself. We’ll reach out if we can use your help!

> Register for the War Child Canada Volunteer Database

*Due to the large quantity of volunteer requests, applicants will only be contacted when a position becomes available. All applications will be kept on file.

Volunteer Positions

There are no current volunteer opportunities at the moment.


War Child posts all available positions here - both for our headquarter positions and leading roles in our field offices. Please read the job description carefully to ensure that you are eligible for the post and make sure to make a note of the closing date. Thank you to all our applicants for their interest and support.

Career Positions

There are no current career opportunities at the moment.

Protecting Childhood Begins Here

The generosity of our donors allows War Child to continue protecting children and providing war-affected communities with educational, vocational and legal resources. We thank you in advance for your support.