Childhood Deserves Protection

By providing access to education, opportunity and justice, War Child gives children in war-affected communities the chance to reclaim their childhood and break the cycle of poverty and violence.

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War Child Mission


War Child envisions a world where no child knows war.

War Child’s mission is to help children in war-affected communities reclaim their childhood through access to education, opportunity and justice. War Child takes an active role in raising public awareness around the impact of war on communities and the shared responsibility to act.


We live in an increasingly violent world. Armed conflict is spreading at an alarming rate. At the same time, the very nature of war is changing. It is presenting terrifying new dangers for children and their families. Conflicts are now led by armed groups that defy borders and rules of war. Civilians – particularly women and children – are often targeted with extreme violence to inflict maximum casualties and terrorize communities. Mass abductions are commonplace and children are targets.

War violates every right of a child. Children face death, maiming, sexual violence and recruitment as child soldiers. The statistics are terrifying.


71 million

people are displaced in the world - the largest number ever recorded.

One person

displaced every two seconds. 50% of which are children (29.5 million).

420 million

children are living in war-affected countries - or one in nine children worldwide.

25 million

children living in conflict areas are out of school.

War Child has worked in conflict areas since 1999. Over the years, our reach has grown substantially, benefiting hundreds of thousands of children and community members every year. The lessons learned over a decade and a half have helped us to develop and improve our work.

The children we dedicate our work to are the most marginalized and most vulnerable. Their lives have been torn apart by war. Their safety is compromised. Their families have lost all means of supporting them, and there is no longer education nor the legal protection that we take for granted. Many have been forced from their homes and, in many cases, their countries.

Local people are vital to our success. 98% of our staff are from the countries where we work. We have local partner organizations in each of those countries. They bring a wealth of knowledge and shared experience that ensures our work fits the needs of the community.

Childhood is shaped by many influences. Families, communities, schools, local authorities and governments all have a duty of care for children and an influence on their lives. We work with them to ensure that children are given the support they need to overcome the effects of conflict.

Our work is only possible because of those who support us. This includes UN agencies like UNICEF and UNHCR, the European Union and the governments of Canada and the United States. This diversity is testament to our record of success.


Dr. Samantha Nutt, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC, C.M.

Founder and President

Dr. Samantha Nutt is an award-winning humanitarian, bestselling author and acclaimed public speaker. A medical doctor, Samantha is a sought after expert in the field of foreign policy and geopolitics, as seen through the lens of twenty-five years practical experience working with children and communities in war zones across the globe.

Samantha is a much sought after media commentator throughout North America. She is a regular panelist on CBC’s flagship national news program, The National, and a contributor to leading media outlets in Canada, including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, CTV and Maclean’s magazine. She has also appeared in Time and Marie Claire, and on NBC Nightly News, BBC World News Service and NPR. In November 2015, she spoke at the Ted Talks Live event on Broadway in New York.

Samantha’s critically-acclaimed debut book, Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies and Aid, was released by Random House in October 2011 and was a #1 national bestseller in both hardcover and paperback. Lewis Lapham declared it a “brave and necessary book”, while the Literary Review of Canada called it a “brilliant polemic.” Damned Nations is a bracing and uncompromising account of her work in some of the most devastated regions of the world. She is currently working on a second book, an exploration of youth extremist movements around the world, from terrorists to emerging reactionary groups, and the implications for global peace and security over the next decade.

In July 2011, Dr. Nutt was appointed to the Order of Canada, Canada’s highest civilian honour, for her contributions to improving the plight of young people in the world’s worst conflict zones.

Dr. Nutt is a staff physician at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, a Senior Fellow at Massey College, University of Toronto and sits on the board of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Dara McLeod

Executive Director

Before coming to War Child, Dara held senior roles with both the federal government in Ottawa and the provincial government in Toronto, Ontario. Prior to her work in government, Dara spent six years in Washington, DC as both the Director of Communications and Manager of Programs for Refugees International, a non-profit organization that does advocacy with the US government and the United Nations on behalf of displaced people. While with Refugees International, Dara took part in humanitarian missions to conflict zones around the world, including Afghanistan, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, El Salvador, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Mexico, Mali, Nigeria, the Philippines, Somalia, South Sudan, and Tunisia.

Dara is a former journalist. During her decade-long career, she worked in both England and Canada for outlets including the CBC, BBC, NPR, and the Associated Press. Dara also spent five years working as an elementary school teacher.

Dara has her Masters in International Journalism from City University in London, England.

Elliot Pobjoy

Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel

Elliot Pobjoy is a lawyer who has led teams and transformational projects in the private sector and in public service.

Most recently, Elliot practiced law at one of Canada’s premier corporate law firms. Elliot previously served as a Chief of Staff and Executive Director to senior politicians. In those roles, Elliot led campaigns, government ministries and files in the fields of health care, child protection, immigration and the regulation of the not-for-profit sector.

Elliot has also held a variety of positions related to international security and development in the federal government and in several Canadian not for profits.

Prior to his professional career, Elliot enjoyed a run as a touring punk rock musician, concert promoter and radio DJ.


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War Child volunteers are a team of committed and friendly folks who represent us from coast to coast. As a small NGO, our volunteer team plays a huge role in raising money and awareness.

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