*UPDATE: Congratulation to Samantha on exceeding a million views of this important talk. We recommend taking a few minutes of your day to watch it if you missed it.*


According to the United Nations, the estimated number of small arms and light weapons currently in circulation globally exceeds 875 million. In her powerful TED Talk, War Child Founder, Samantha Nutt, discusses how the circulation of cheap, available weapons perpetuates the cycle of injustice and violence experienced by children and their families in war zones around the world.


The proliferation of small arms exacerbates conflict the world over, making the need for War Child’s programming all the more urgent. From Afghanistan through the Middle East to the civil war in South Sudan, we have seen the consequences close up. We have seen community after community driven from their homes. And we have all seen the resulting refugee crisis played out on the nightly news.

Children have lost parents; many have seen friends and family members gunned down in front of them, or experienced physical injury; some have been trained to use these highly efficient killing machines as child soldiers. These weapons also make it increasingly difficult for aid agencies operating on the ground, who face increasing threats as a result of armed groups the world over.

we all have a part to play when it comes to standing up for children’s rights around the world. We can all choose the options that favour peace at the expense of war. Make the choice to support a movement towards peace by donating to War Child today. Learn more about the work of Samantha Nutt and War Child by signing up for our e-newsletter. Discover how you can make your voice heard!