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Meet Namazzi

Namazzi was born near the end of the civil war in Uganda to her mother, Anna. They escaped with their lives, but not much else—no opportunities to go to school and no job training or prospects. Anna tried her best to provide an education for Namazzi, but she was forced to pull her out of school when she ran out of money and couldn’t afford the fees. Namazzi was nine years old.

A few years later as a young teenager, Namazzi was raped and became pregnant. The stigma of sexual assault in Uganda meant that she was ostracized from her peers and community. A single teenage mother with no income and no opportunity to go to school or receive job training, she relied on her mother who was already struggling to make ends meet. In Namazzi’s words, “Life was useless.”

But her story doesn’t end there, because she had the support of the War Child community—donors like you.

The Power of your Donation

Because of the generosity of strangers on the other side of the world, Namazzi was able to enroll in War Child’s education program. Through our Accelerated Learning Programming, she quickly caught up on her schooling and is now preparing to take her final primary exam. Education is the pathway to a better future for her and her child. She’s been given a chance to once again pursue the dreams she had put on hold and to gain skills to eventually provide for a family. She also found a community of love, acceptance, and encouragement.

“While at school, I feel there is a better life”, she told us. “Now I want to become a lawyer!”

When we visited her mother, she couldn’t hide her happiness at the progress her daughter had made. “I will do everything I can to make sure she completes her education, so she can make a better future for herself and for her child,” she promised.

Investing in children like Namazzi is a commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty. It is a gift that extends beyond Namazzi to her child. It is an investment in peace.

A donation to War Child is an investment in peace.

And by donating by December 31, you can make three times the impact.

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