To mark International Women’s Day, The Slaight Family Foundation is donating $15 million to 15 international organizations working to improve human rights and opportunities for women and girls.  War Child is honoured to be among the recipients.

Thanks to this generous support, War Child will launch a comprehensive four-year program to educate vulnerable women and girls and protect their human rights in conflict affected areas across the world.

In these high risk areas, War Child will empower women and girls to seek justice and tackle impunity within their communities, while also – in the form of targeted educational programming – ensuring that they can uphold their rights, have greater self-determination, and move out of poverty over the long-term.

“This investment in international NGOs is unprecedented and the projects being supported will directly assist more than one million women and girls in some of the world’s most fragile regions,” said Dr. Samantha Nutt, President of War Child. “It’s such an important time to be highlighting this issue. For The Slaight Family Foundation to recognize the threats faced by women and girls, and acknowledge that their concerns matter with such a historic gift, is a profound message to send. On behalf of the entire group we extend our sincerest gratitude to The Slaight Family Foundation for their incredible support of our collective work.”

Women and girls are most at risk in countries where conflict is rampant and where human rights abusers feel they can attack and violate with impunity. To protect women and girls and reinforce their rights, War Child will provide critical legal support for those affected by or at risk of gender-based violence, while strengthening communities so the rights of women and girls are upheld and respected.

In times of conflict, education is one of the first institutions lost and yet it is crucial to reducing and overcoming the cycle of instability, violence, and rights abuses. War Child will ensure that women and girls affected by war have access to quality education.

War Child will target those countries where women and girls endure some of the highest levels of vulnerability and where our programs will be most effective.  War Child aims to include both new countries for the organization and regions where it has established programs: Afghanistan, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria.

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