Over the weekend, as the world’s youngest country marked its fifth anniversary, the two main opposing factions in the country – rival supporters of the President and Vice President – embarked on another round of vicious fighting in the capital Juba. Hundreds are reported dead and thousands have been forced to flee their homes.

Violence has plagued South Sudan since its independence from its northern neighbour, Sudan. Hopes of a peace were dashed in 2013, when the country descended into a two-year civil war, during which two million people were displaced and tens of thousands killed. This fresh outbreak of violence has brought further tragedy to the country and has intensified the humanitarian crisis. There is hope that the ceasefire that has been in place since Monday evening will hold and a solution to end the violence will be reached. In the meantime, the international community needs to make every effort to continue, and increase, its support to the country.

The South Sudanese people – and particularly the children – have a right to live in peace and to build their nation without the fear. To this end, War Child continues to operate in the country, providing education and opportunity to communities in Upper Nile, Eastern Equatoria and Western Bahr el Ghazal states.

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