In 1977, a young Canadian, Chris Lowry, travelled through Afghanistan, following the hippy trail to India. The following year, a Marxist coup broke 60 years of uninterrupted peace, issuing in decades of violent conflict that continues to this day.

Earlier this year, Chris published a book that tells the tale of his journey, all those years ago, and illustrates it with some of the remarkable photographs he took while he was there. I was lucky enough to sit down with him to talk about his travels, his book and his feeling on a country that has seen so much tumult in the years since he discovered it.*



Chris has given us a copy of the book to give away to a lucky visitor, which we will do through a competition that is live now on Facebook. If you would like to buy the book – and I highly recommend it – you can find it here (proceeds from the book are being donated to War Child).

There is also a Special Book Launch Price for orders directly from the publisher up to September 15 2017: $70 (plus shipping) which is $17 savings off the Amazon price and more than doubles the donation to War Child. To order your books directly from the publisher email

If you would like to read more about Afghanistan today, look out for our interview with our Head of Program Development and Quality, Aftab Tariq Ihsan, that will be published in the coming days.


Photo: Chris Lowry


*Apologies for the sound quality (especially in the first few seconds) – our equipment needs an upgrade.

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