In the panic and chaos of the flight from his village in Myanmar, Mohamudul was separated from his family. The 13-year-old Rohingya boy didn’t know where his parents and siblings were, or even if they were still alive.

Alone and afraid, Mohamudul made his way to Bangladesh, along with hundreds of thousands of other Rohingya refugees. For two years, he lived alone in an overcrowded camp, fending for himself however he could.

Fortunately, our local outreach team found Mohamudul and identified him as a child who needed support. They invited him to come to a child protection centre where he could access vital services. Once there, he was able to play with other children, as well as learn math and how to read. He gradually began to regain a sense of normal life.

War Child is able to provide this critical, life-changing assistance for children escaping war because caring individuals stood up and committed to being a force for change. Will you join them?

Please give to War Child’s Crisis Response Fund today, so vulnerable children like Mohamudul can begin to build a brighter future. Thank you.


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