On May 8th, thank mom for her sacrifices with something she’ll be proud of: a donation that helps mothers living in war zones. Don’t get her one of the typical Mother's Day gifts below and the amount you would have spent on the item will be donated to War Child on mom’s behalf.

Gas Station Flowers

Instead of flowers that’ll last a week, your donation can help change a child’s life. Nice.


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Generic Box of Chocolates

Nothing says “I didn’t know what to get” like a box of chocolates. So don’t get one.


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Overwhelmingly Scented Candle

Do you enjoy the smell of regret? No? Then don’t buy mom a scented candle.


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Fuzzy Pink Slippers

Instead of warming her soles, you’ll be warming her soul. See what we did there?


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Heart Shaped Jewellery

Why get something heart-shaped when you can give Mom a gift with real heart?


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Anti-Aging Cream

Get mom a thoughtful gift that will lift her spirits instead of tanking her self-esteem.


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Dust Buster

Maybe you can use this to clean up your act and get mom a gift she’ll actually care about.


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Non-Stick Frying Pan

Tactless. Unless you’re going to use it to make her breakfast in bed, don’t get mom a frying pan.


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FlabToFab 5000X

Know what needs exercise? Your sense of judgment. Don’t get mom gym equipment this year, or ever.


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Just want to help War Child?

Any donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated.

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