UPDATE (OCT 22, 2018):

We’re flying high, thanks to you! This year Aeroplan offered to match all miles donated to War Child between October 15-21 (up to a maximum 500,000 miles). You all really came together this week and donated a total of 527,589 miles—a new record for War Child! Add in the 500,000 miles that Aeroplan pitched in thanks to you and that gives us a grand total of 1,027,589 miles donated to War Child last week. THANK YOU!

By donating your miles, you’re enabling us to put even more of your cash donations into our programming work overseas. You’re empowering more local leaders and communities to advocate for their futures and the futures of their children. We are forever grateful for your partnership and generosity.

If you missed making your miles donation during Match Week, you can still donate Aeroplan miles all year round.

Donate your Aeroplan miles today and they will be doubled!

That’s right, today through to Sunday, October 21, every Aeroplan mile donated to War Child will be doubled. These miles help our local and international staff coordinate globally to run effective programs that focus on children and their families in war zones. A few ways miles impact our work include:

  1. Urgent overseas travel can be booked immediately when it’s needed most.
  2. By making international travel possible, our staff can meet in person to share expertise more efficiently than over the phone or by email. This allows for colleagues to better understand cultural and geographic situations, which aids in both programming and building rapport.
  3. Low-cost travel in North America enables relationship-building that opens up funding possibilities from across the continent.

Donated Aeroplan miles allow every cash donation to go further, because we can redeem miles when we would otherwise have had to use cash. Being able to put your donated miles to use means more of every donation directly impacts our programmes.

Add all that up and you have children, families and communities that are safer and stronger thanks in part to generous people like you.

Donate today, click here.

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