With the holiday season just around the corner, the launch of Luv., a one-stop online shop that specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind thoughtful gifts couldn’t be more timely.

The creative brainchild of designer, artist, mother and entrepreneur, Tracey Young, Luv., which stands for Love, Unconditionally, Veraciously, Period., is a passion project turned successful business venture inspired by just that: love and the art of giving back.

Connecting artists, consumers, and charities, Luv. provides an online platform where exclusive products generate awareness and support a cause. From jewellery, to housewares, to stationary and beyond, each product has been specifically created for and is exclusive to Luv.

“I wanted to create something that was the sum of all my experiences that focused on sustainable living and giving,” admits Young, “a place where artists could create unique and thoughtful gifts that inspire love and positivity.”

Now with a roster of local artisans creating exclusive designs that are both ethically and socially handcrafted, Young’s dream has come true. However, it wasn’t just enough for Young to create a place to support local artists and give back to the art community around her. If you visit www.createluv.com, upon check-out you’ll notice something even more unique than the handcrafted goods on the site, you will be prompted to choose from a list of five charities to donate 50% of the net profits from your purchase.

“Too often the choice has either been commercial gain or social results,” suggests Young, “I want Luv. to unlock the potential for commerce to achieve the perfect balance in reaching social impacts as well as commercial goals. By collaborating with each other and sharing our skills, we have the power to support each other as we continue to fulfil our social and environmental purposes.”

War Child Canada is among the list of the five charities consumers can choose from.  “I’ve always had a special place in my heart for War Child Canada,” says Young, who has been a long-time supporter prior to launching Luv. “I believe whole-heartedly with their mission and I have so much love and respect for the work their team does. Absolutely no child should know war.”

Since the inception of Luv. into the world of e-commerce the partnership between the pair has continued to grow.  Luv. was a major sponsor of War Child Canada’s The Sky Is The Limit fundraiser which was held at  Integral House on October 1 and featured high end cuisine, cocktails, entertainment and altruism and raised over $115,000.

Feel like spreading some love? Visit www.createluv.com to support Young’s mission.

Photo of Samantha Nutt, Chantal Kreviazuk with Tracey Young and her daughter Jade (Credit: Ryan Emberley)

Written by Heather Marrin

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