Crisis in Syria: Millions at risk, disaster looming.

A military offensive is putting millions of civilians in the Idlib province of northern Syria in grave danger. After seven years of civil war, this area has become the last stronghold for rebels opposing the Syrian government. Several parties to this conflict have shown an ongoing and blatant disregard for human rights and international law by using banned chemical weapons against innocent civilians, among other reprehensible practices. These brutal tactics have been condemned by the international community, but have not stopped their use in this conflict.

Another catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Syria is unfolding, and is marked by unfathomable bloodshed and suffering. Neighbouring countries continue to seal off their borders, leaving nearly 3 million civilians with no way to escape the violence. Among these civilians are nearly two million internally displaced people, including dissidents, activists and aid workers, who have fled persecution. As the offensive ramps up, the time for action is now.

War Child is already working with Syrian refugee families in the region. The United Nations and international aid organizations are coordinating their efforts to respond to the dire needs of those who are trapped.


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