Whether born in a country like ours or in a war zone, the answer to this question is indisputable.


But too often, war and violence stands in the way. Children are 66% of the casualties in war.  For those that survive, the opportunity to attend school is never a certainty. War Child exists to restore and protect childhood in war zones so that cycles of violence and poverty can be broken.

Education is one key to unlocking change for children. Sign War Child’s Education Pledge today.

Joyce, a 16 year-old girl in Malakal, South Sudan wrote us this chilling poem:

War, war, war.
What do you want in my country?
You are killing innocent people.
You are leaving us uneducated.
Please, change war to peace,
So that we can enjoy education.

For children like Joyce that wake up each day in a war zone, a safe and happy childhood is a distant memory — if there is a memory of it at all.

But when Joyce is in school, sitting side-by-side with her friends, she begins to feel like a child again.

It is critical that we continue and expand education programmes for children like Joyce. She and her peers will be South Sudan’s next lawyers, mothers, doctors and leaders. They are the best chance their country has at positive, progressive change. This is why War Child is so focused on this work.

If you believe every child has the right to learn, stand up with us today and sign the pledge.

War Child is providing education for children and mothers in war zones – equipping people who need it with the language, tools and places that are safe and effective. For Joyce, class is held in a tarp-covered structure within an internally displaced persons’ camp. In the Congo, War Child broadcasts lessons over the radio because it’s far too dangerous to walk to school. In Afghanistan, classes are in the homes of trusted community members so that students don’t become the target of a bomb.

Right now, almost 40 million children can’t go to school because of war.

For that number to decrease, passionate people like you need to stand up and pledge to fight for every child’s right to an education—right now. If you want to ensure that children like Joyce get the safety, education and happy childhood they deserve – don’t shy away. Take a stand.

Thank you for your passion and commitment to human rights and children in need.