“I am not only a child, I am a member of this society. Children can also bring
changes and solve problems.”

We couldn’t have said it better, Samir.

As War Child Canada’s programs continue in Afghanistan, our impact grows
exponentially as more and more community members become involved.
In conflict-afflicted areas, investment in children’s empowerment is the key
to change.

Thirteen-year-old Samir lives with his parents and five siblings in Kabul.
They fled from their home in Helmand Province three years ago due to the
conflict between security forces and the Taliban. Samir has been a member
of the Child to Child peer group within his local Child-Friendly Space for about
seven months. He joined after hearing about the work other local children
were doing in the community. Samir explained to his father that this was an
opportunity to help other children in a similar situation to him. The Child to
Child methodology used by War Child Canada allows children to identify and
prioritize the issues affecting them and then develop action plans within the
community to help resolve their concerns.

Samir has taken an active role in a number of campaigns to disseminate
messages of child protection and children’s rights. His father says, “I feel
proud to see my small son looking around to find solutions for the problems
in the community.” Samir now dreams of becoming a doctor and serving the
people of his community.




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