Last week, a team from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was ambushed in Jawzan province in Afghanistan. Six members of the team were killed and another two are missing.

War Child Canada condemns this outrageous attack in the strongest possible terms. The principle of humanitarian space is paramount if the life preserving work of organizations such as ICRC is to continue. Far too often we have seen armed groups – both governmental and not – ignore humanitarian law with deadly force. This attack is part of an overall trend of increased numbers of aid workers being killed in recent years.

War Child Canada staff in Afghanistan work closely with ICRC and share their grief. Country Director, Nayat Karim made the following statement:

“War Child Canada is deeply saddened after receiving the news about killing of six ICRC staff in Afghanistan.  We at War Child Canada strongly condemn the cowardly attack on the ICRC colleagues in Afghanistan, who were brutally killed in the line of their noble cause of delivering humanitarian aid and sustaining lives.  War Child Canada highly admire the services of ICRC it has extended to the Afghan people and we stand alongside with our friend and colleagues.”

The thoughts of all our staff, both in Canada and around the World, are with the friends and loved ones of those killed and missing.

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