2013 Growth

2013 represents the beginning of a sustained period of growth for War Child. This year also saw a consolidation of programming around the three pillars and a focusing on those activities which demonstrated the greatest impact.

%increase in beneficiaries since 2012.

2014 Growth

A significant income growth in 2014 allowed War Child to reach more people than ever previously recorded. 2014 also saw a programs in key countries such as Afghanistan and Darfur deepen and become more holistic, covering multiple pillars and addressing a wide range of needs.

kpeople reached.

2015 Growth

The remarkable growth experienced in 2015 reflects War Child’s focus on multi-year, holistic programming in countries such as Afghanistan, Sudan and South Sudan. The historic refugee crisis in 2015 represented new and daunting challenges in many program regions.

% increase in revenue since 2013.


War Child is committed to improving the lives of war-affected children around the world. We aim to do this as efficiently as possible and to remain accountable to our donors, supporters and the communities we work with.

For this reason, we publish these key policies that govern and instruct our work.

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Protecting Childhood Begins Here

The generosity of our donors allows War Child to continue protecting children and providing war-affected communities with the educational, vocational and legal resources they need to find long-term solutions. We thank you in advance for your support.

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